Tuesday, December 19, 2006


55 to go

A helping hand: Deany

Lita and first visitors from the station (McMurdo)

Mission accomplished - Jean, Lionel, Sophie, Lita and Simon (Photo: Michael Deany)

99 Spheres
99 Stars
1 Stellar Axis


Joan Fabian said...

hey Lita-
I really really love the blue installation you did! You are amazing!!!!!! I found out about it through my friends and fellow artists, Dana and Bob Morris who are working out there. You brightened up there lives and alot of folks back home. I am using one of the photos as a screensaver because it touches me so.
It truly is inspiration. You have a great crew too and I wanted to wish you all a happy Holiday and thank you for brightening my world and others too.
joan fabian

Valerie said...

What an amazng job you have done. As I sit here in the Topanga chill and say to myself, I am freezing, I know, based on what you all have been doing, I have no idea what I am talking about.

I am proud of you all and pleased that so many of us from Topanga have played a part in your grand adventure.

My thanks to Gabrielle for all her work in helping to get you there and to Simon and Sophie for their photography. As one of your sponsors, I delight in the fact that you will be bringing back my star Ankaa (the Phoenix and the symbol of ressurection). I hope all of your stars find good home once you return.

I also pray you get the funding to complete this celestial assignment at the North Pole in the near future. If there is one thing this world desperately needs, it is balance.

Once again, thank you all for a brilliant job well done and the extraordinary pictures you have taken. I look forward to the great stories you will all have to tell.

Lita Albuquerque - a very happy birthday to you this January 3, 2007. What an outrageously wonderful way to start the new year.