Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Another roadblock. Simon and I just got back from an interview with Bill Josla from the Antarctic Sun, lasted over an hour. We are at our Crary Lab and received a scribbled message from Lionel relaying a message from Keith from Science Cargo telling us that they had moved our crates from where we had left them to the other side of the road! Great. Now they are saying the crates have to be at least 100 yards from the road, which means it will move the edge of our site 200 yards from the road, and the outer edge, 400 yards, which complicates things since we are only allowed to have it 100 yards from the road. This is a typical bureaucratic nightmare where one department has a request, which contradicts another department's request. Hope this does not delay us any further. It means I am going to have to go out there this afternoon and have them set them in the position I want them in so they do not get in the way of cameras.

To be at the Crary Lab at this hour is a luxury, this was our down day, but I will have to go out there this afternoon as well as tonight where will set out after dinner and hopefully set the largest sphere down, Sirius. We decided to wait to set up our tent until after then, as we are all very anxious to see one sphere up. There are also some people who are leaving tomorrow who want to see it. We will take them on a midnight ride out through the sea ice on skidoos.

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Val Kirkgaard said...

Somehow, I had hoped the further south you got, the less bureaucracy would follow you. I salute your persistence and endurance.